Friday, September 4, 2009

New Card Designs - What do you think?

So I've been planning new cards for a while and the other day my friend/Model/Graphic Design pal Kellie Taylor came over to help me design the card for Once that was complete the next task was the more difficult; come up with a card for that I'd be happy with. I tend to use my cards for a few months and often times they're my first impression with new clients or potential clients, so I'm very picky and never totally satisfied. I hated my last card.

So here's an unveiling of the new cards (so far). I want your feedback and opinions, I will listen to everyone however I do have specific goals and target markets in mind for each card, as well as reasons I used the colors, images, etc the way I did, but Give me your thoughts and feedback and I'll take it all in before these go to print.

1 comment:

    Love the vertical image and the bold pinks really pop against the black.

    And you know I love the the Fashion and Advertising. Gorgeous images (front and back). Great models, clear crisp images, easy to read and very eye catching. Great job!