Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sarah Prankha (Model)

Sarah is one of my muses, we've shot together many times and the results are always some of my favorite shots, that said I also take forever to edit her photos. But now that I've caught up, we really need to shoot again. She's a stunning beauty that can look completely different for every shot, every shoot.

Sarah Prankha (Model)


After getting into Inked girls I decided to try again with LeeAnna, though we didn't make it in this time (Congrats to Kencredible, who did) I love this set too much to not share. LeeAnna has what is probably my favorite tattoo piece, which is her ENTIRE leg, front and back. It's amazing work. She's also stunningly gorgeous and loves Faith No More and Mr Bungle, what more could you ask for?


Most of this set was nude and I have been avoiding blogging nude images due to the fact that this blog is linked on my family-friendly/ commercial site ( But I love these shots so I decided to upload a censored version.

Desalle and I shot all night till we were both totally wiped out, as I tend to do on night shoots, she was a trooper and has a look I just love. The shot below was an experimental series shot by jerking the camera right at the last second to capture motion with a slightly long exposure.

Lauren WK (Model)


Lauren WK (Model)
Andrea Martini (Makeup Artist)
Belle_Morte (Wardrobe Stylist)

Lauren and I have shot together several times since early in her career. She's one of my favorite people to shoot and usually crashes on my couch during the duration of her trips to Philly. We never really have a solid plan whenever we shoot, just wing it and hope for gold. This time however we had makeup artist Andrea Martini and wardrobe stylist Belle Morte asking to join us so we jumped at the opportunity to work with such talent. They did an amazing job and we were thrilled with the outcome.

The other half of our shoots we did on our own, which yielded this black and white series that I absolutely love.

Lauren WK

Lauren WK

Time to start really updating.

So I've decided to re-activate my blog, which I got rather behind with last December and stopped updating. I feel the best way to do this is to just go through my work by date and blog about everything you missed over this time. So I am going to make an attempt to catch up shoot by shoot for all of 2010 so far, starting with my last shoot of 2009 with the lovely Lauren WK.

I have also begun working on the new site for Invictus Films, which will be a WordPress site, so I have mirrored this blog on wordpress as well as I learn their structure. If you would like to follow this blog on Wordpress please visit here: