Monday, July 27, 2009

Kate Boyer - Actress / Model - Headshot - Commercial Photography Philadelphia

Philadelphia Model and Actress Kate Boyer. Keep an eye out for this talented up and coming actress, having seen her range of emotion and expressions during our modeling session I am excited and confident she will be just as dynamic and sincere on the big screen as she was in my studio today.

Shot for my commercial photography portfolio

Nicole Manning - Commercial Fashion Photography - Philadelphia

Nicole Manning
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Commercial fashion portfolio shoot with Fashion Designer/Model Nicole Manning. Nicole's Bizarre Boudoir line makes her one of my favorite designers in the country and I am fortunate enough to live in the same city of this incredibly talented rising star in the fashion world.

Check her out

Stooopid Bee!

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This is the bee that tried to kill me today while I was shooting Kate Boyer. Instead I took a photo of it and stole its Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic Win!

(I'll show ya those photos of Kate soon, they rock!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Robyn Ashley - Commercial Photography Portfolio - Philadelphia

Robyn Ashley 2
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Robyn Ashley and I worked together tonight on my commercial photography portfolio. I am currently developing this portfolio for print to bring to advertising and modeling agencies in the Philadelphia and NYC areas. This shot was an instant keeper. We knew the minute it was shot (even in the lil camera screen) that this was the payoff shot for the shoot

Makeup by Robyn

Model Link :
More of this will be on Flickr

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009 !!! NEW NEW Domain - Fashion, Commercial and Alternative Photography!

I got very lucky the other day and was able to purchase a few choice domain names to forward to Photography and it's sister commercial site. I now have , , and (drum roll please....) !

To Celebrate this and promote the new domains I did a huge overhaul to the main site, which is now found at as well as being mirrored at I added TONS of new images to the Fashion Photography Section, added this my blog (For those of you on Facebook reading this, the Fashion Photography blog is called "Deep Focus" and features fashion and commercial photography, my breakdown of some of my favorite photo shoots I've done, and I will be adding more interviews with models - Mosh interview up now- as well as more personal insight to Philadelphia Photography, Modeling and Fashion Locally and world wide. ) I also finally added a new section for Ink and Alternative Photography; This area of the site focuses on Tattoos, Tattooed people, Alternative Fashion and Alt photography.

While the commercial section of the site hasn't drastically changed I did also give it it's standalone page which can be found at , This allows me to market my commercial photography services, product photography, corporate photography, People, events, Runway and catalog Photography to a more family based conservative audience that may find some of the edgier images on FashionAndAdvertising not their particular cup of tea.

I am currently booking shoots and looking for clients of all kinds. If you've got a project you need photography for, I'm your guy. I can shoot all styles and offer reasonable rates or I can work within your budget to get you the images you need for your advertising campaign, catalog, Modeling portfolio, or web site. Contact me at if you need photos.

Comments welcome and I'd love if people re-linked the sites all over the net, please let me know if you do.

Jeff Cohn

Monday, July 13, 2009

Purses, jewlery and Shoes shoot - Commercial Photography - Philadelphia

While developing my commercial photography portfolio I decided to enlist the help of my favorite stylist Lauren Palmer, her stuff and her backyard. The inspiration for this shoot came from an editorial set in MUSE magazine. I am extremely proud of the results. I feel that these shots capture the images of products and make them sell able but not in a boring typical way. It almost tells a story and the backyard provides a nice jungle theme. My favorite is the "snake" jewelry which just enhances the jungle theme even further.

More of this set can be viewed on my Flickr

Purses, jewlery and Shoes shoot

Jillian Michelle Leslie Mckenna Rebecca Helen Wales

This was from a fashion shoot at dog parc studio's last year. Rebecca supplied all the wardrobe, Melody Moher did all the makeup, hair and styling. She did an amazing job.

The models are Rebecca Helen Wales, Jillian Michelle and Leslie Mckenna (who you may recognize from the Mummy series). I shot solo shots as well as these group pics during the course of the day. We did two outfits/looks with each model and the additional shots are available for viewing on my Flickr page.

This style of commercial fashion photography is something I absolutely love doing and would love to do more of with local or national clients that need images for advertising or their catalogue's, online stores, etc.

Fische Tatttoo shoot - Philadelphia - Implied Nude - Alt

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Fische came over to help me with my tattoo portfolio. It's funny in all my attempts to gear my work to a more commercially oriented audience when I found myself sitting face to face with Tony from Tattoo Society Magazine showing him my portfolio, he pointed out that I didn't have very many images of girls with tattoos. It seemed odd to me since I've shot so many, but my recent work has been very much geared towards a commercial /fashion audience and my printed portfolio probably showcases that more than any of my online ports. So since I still do love and want to shoot tattooed /goth/punk/alterna-beauties I decided I better add an Ink section to my site. I held 2 days of open castings and shot about 10 people. This section will be added to soon and hopefully you'll see my work in tattoo magazines across the country soon after.


Model: Fische
More of this set (some NSFW) can be viewed on my Flickr

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Couture Du Jour - Lee Anna - Philadelphia Fashion Photography

Couture Du Jour is a new premium service brought to you by, Jessica Saint Makeup and Lady of Design (Lauren Palmer) makeup.

With these shoots the model is taken to a fabric store in the morning and we as a group select her favorite fabrics, prints, etc. We then brainstorm accessories (if any) and details, go back to the studio and in a very "project runway style" we create the outfit on the spot. Its a group effort and the designs range from high fashion gowns to avant garde creations. Its very unpredictable, unique and fun for everyone involved.

This particular look was a mix of fabrics and a giant piece of foam that Lauren found and put together in a futuristic sci-fi Jean-Paul Gaultier influenced outfit.

Model: Lee Anna Billman
Makeup, Hair and Styling Jessica Saint, Lauren Palmer

More of this set can be viewed on Flickr

Chanon Photoshop Anime

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Something a lil different. I was messing around with this image in photoshop and I decide to give it a somewhat Anime feel to it. I never really shoot much in the way of Sci-fi, Anime, Fantasy oriented work so it's just something nice to play with an experiment.

Model ChanonRf

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Darling Niikkii - Commercial Photography - Philadelphia

Darling Niikkii 1
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Darling Niikkii is one of my new favorite models to work with, not only is she amazing as a model but she's also a great stylist, makeup artist and has a great feel for the artistic vision that I wanted to create. This was from our first (many more to come) shoot together. We were specifically going for a very high fashion meets commercial fashion feel and her Dior sunglasses inspired a classic black and white wardrobe. I think the full series has a very High fashion James Bond-esq feel to them. This was also one of the first shoots I'd done with my new set of Strobe Lights and I really started to get a feel for what I was doing at this point.

Comments welcome.

More of this series can be found on:

Leslie Mckenna - Body painted mummy fashion shoot

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Whenever I do any sort of Fashion Shoot I try to publish at least one or two images from each series on the web. Recently as I have started to use my Flickr, Modelmayhem, Facebook, blog, and DeviantArt more I have decided to share more of the variations from each shoot on the different sites.

This was one of my favorite shots from my shoot with Leslie Mckenna ( International Assassin ). Body painting was created by the absolutely amazing Trask and AKABody Art from Virginia. Makeup and hair were done by Lauren Palmer (Lady of Design)

Comments welcome.

Camille A Ragdoll

Camille A Ragdoll
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One of my newer shoots with one of the models I've been shooting the longest, Camille-A-Ragdoll. Both of us are goth/metal people at heart but we decided to approach the world of fashion and marketing with a straight up Commercial feel. We've shot so many different styles together that its almost hard to believe we'd never done any commercial fashion stuff together.

This was also one of the first times I've really played with Layers and textured backgrounds in Photoshop and achieving the realism of the shadows was a big concern. Im very happy with the end results and hope you like it as well.

Dessa Fell - Lost series - Number 2

Dessa Fell
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New Photo of Dessa Fell taken around December 2007, one of her first shoots. It's amazing to me how far this girl has come in such a short time. She's really blown me away with her professionalism, dedication and networking as well as consistently producing amazing images from day one till now.