Sunday, July 12, 2009

Couture Du Jour - Lee Anna - Philadelphia Fashion Photography

Couture Du Jour is a new premium service brought to you by, Jessica Saint Makeup and Lady of Design (Lauren Palmer) makeup.

With these shoots the model is taken to a fabric store in the morning and we as a group select her favorite fabrics, prints, etc. We then brainstorm accessories (if any) and details, go back to the studio and in a very "project runway style" we create the outfit on the spot. Its a group effort and the designs range from high fashion gowns to avant garde creations. Its very unpredictable, unique and fun for everyone involved.

This particular look was a mix of fabrics and a giant piece of foam that Lauren found and put together in a futuristic sci-fi Jean-Paul Gaultier influenced outfit.

Model: Lee Anna Billman
Makeup, Hair and Styling Jessica Saint, Lauren Palmer

More of this set can be viewed on Flickr

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  1. Fashion photography did exactly what you said it does. Thanks to your post. I really love it.