Monday, July 13, 2009

Fische Tatttoo shoot - Philadelphia - Implied Nude - Alt

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Fische came over to help me with my tattoo portfolio. It's funny in all my attempts to gear my work to a more commercially oriented audience when I found myself sitting face to face with Tony from Tattoo Society Magazine showing him my portfolio, he pointed out that I didn't have very many images of girls with tattoos. It seemed odd to me since I've shot so many, but my recent work has been very much geared towards a commercial /fashion audience and my printed portfolio probably showcases that more than any of my online ports. So since I still do love and want to shoot tattooed /goth/punk/alterna-beauties I decided I better add an Ink section to my site. I held 2 days of open castings and shot about 10 people. This section will be added to soon and hopefully you'll see my work in tattoo magazines across the country soon after.


Model: Fische
More of this set (some NSFW) can be viewed on my Flickr

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