Friday, July 17, 2009 !!! NEW NEW Domain - Fashion, Commercial and Alternative Photography!

I got very lucky the other day and was able to purchase a few choice domain names to forward to Photography and it's sister commercial site. I now have , , and (drum roll please....) !

To Celebrate this and promote the new domains I did a huge overhaul to the main site, which is now found at as well as being mirrored at I added TONS of new images to the Fashion Photography Section, added this my blog (For those of you on Facebook reading this, the Fashion Photography blog is called "Deep Focus" and features fashion and commercial photography, my breakdown of some of my favorite photo shoots I've done, and I will be adding more interviews with models - Mosh interview up now- as well as more personal insight to Philadelphia Photography, Modeling and Fashion Locally and world wide. ) I also finally added a new section for Ink and Alternative Photography; This area of the site focuses on Tattoos, Tattooed people, Alternative Fashion and Alt photography.

While the commercial section of the site hasn't drastically changed I did also give it it's standalone page which can be found at , This allows me to market my commercial photography services, product photography, corporate photography, People, events, Runway and catalog Photography to a more family based conservative audience that may find some of the edgier images on FashionAndAdvertising not their particular cup of tea.

I am currently booking shoots and looking for clients of all kinds. If you've got a project you need photography for, I'm your guy. I can shoot all styles and offer reasonable rates or I can work within your budget to get you the images you need for your advertising campaign, catalog, Modeling portfolio, or web site. Contact me at if you need photos.

Comments welcome and I'd love if people re-linked the sites all over the net, please let me know if you do.

Jeff Cohn

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