Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Interview with me on Propsblog - Jeff Cohn Interview - Fashion Photography

I was recently interviewed by Houston Fashion Model /blogger Leah Waddill. She's an awesome model and a former Philly girl.

I mentioned a lot of you. Gotta LOVE publicity! Please take a look at it here

Leah Waddill: Where are you from? Where is most of your work done?

Jeff Cohn: I was born and raised in Delran NJ, which is a small suburb of Philadelphia. I moved to Philly after college and have lived in or around the city for the past ten years.

Most of my work is shot in my home studio located in North East Philadelphia. My living room is converted into a studio space, which provides the best of both worlds; convenient location and I have my TV and DVD’s handy while MUA’s do makeup.

Leah Waddill: Do you travel often for your photography?

Jeff Cohn: My first real gig was tour photographer for the band KMFDM, We did the whole US in 40 days, 36 cities. Since then my travel has been fairly limited. I was co-coordinator/founder of Catwalk Tragedy (Alternative Beauty Pageant) which took me to Orlando and NYC for shows. Other than that I have been very much a homebody, I love Philadelphia but if someone wants to pay me to go visit other places I will gladly jump on a plane.

Leah Waddill: Wow! So, how long ago was your first publicized work? What was it? (READ MORE)

Lemme know what you think!!

If any of you out there in blog-land (or magazine land) are interested in setting up an interview with a fashion photographer, please let me know, I love doing these things.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept 19th REFLECTIONS Launch Party - Philly, PA - AIDS CHARITY BENEFIT

There's a great event this Saturday in Philly, you should all go and support it. Come say hi too :)

RSVP on MODEL MAYHEM, MYSPACE, or FACEBOOK and recieve a bonus raffle ticket and off $5 the price of the REFLECTIONS Calendar or REFLECTIONS Calendar & MAC Viva Glam Lipstick package!

Myspace: … '}&g=1

REFLECTIONS is a 12 month Alice in Wonderland themed calendar that has been a collaboration between 12 models and 12 photographers from the NYC, Philly, and DC areas. Created as a benefit project, all sales of the calendar will be donated to local Philly AIDS charities!

Come out on September 19th from 8pm-1am and help us celebrate the launch of this calendar for a great cause!

It will be a great night for anyone and everyone! So come out and join us!

Art Gallery
Art show featuring local Philly artists - photographers, painters, sculptors in a wide array of styles and mediums. We're still booking artists for the gallery, so contact me for more details and submit your samples soon before we book up!

Also the official unveiling of never before seen photography by Jason Hyde, DKE, Candylust, Peach Giant and many more!

A local jazz band starts the night out mellow and at 10pm DJ Mighty Mike Saga turns it up a notch for the fashion show and performances!

Alternative Fashion Show
Featuring great designers including Shadows and Monsters Apparel , Itzy Bitzy's Hats, Sibyl Vain Clothing, Deanna Danger Designs and more! We're still looking for accessory designers! Contact me for more details!

Before the end of the night, miss Deanna Danger will treat you all to a burlesque performance that's sure to please!

We will also have vendors (still renting out tables, contact for details!), raffles, and contest to look forward to! You'll even be able to buy items from some of our amazing runway designers!

Through the night we will be serving free food. None of that crappy chips in a bowl some events put out. We'll have high quality catered food including veggie and fruit trays and hot hors' dourves. Tea, coffee and water will be available as well. $2 beer and wine all night from the bar!

18+ with valid ID only
$10 donation at the door
Dress: Look classy or sassy!

Fortress of the Arts
221 Glenwood Ave
Philadelphia, PA
Huge murals outside! 5 floor factory TOWER! Can't miss it!
Free on street parking

If anyone has interest in helping out in anyway please contact Rebecca via email at and we can get right down to it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rebecca Helen Wales (with Elvis and Setzer)

One of the pleasures of a home-studio is that my pug and kitten are always around, this has actually lead to them both becoming rather good models. Sometimes too good. I warn all my models regardless of their experience level that the dog has SIX years of modeling experience under his belt. He's posed with the models like Nikki Moose, Audrey Kitching, Fische, Mayte, Alyson Allegra, etc and been shot by Jeff Beirman, MojoKiss, Angelrift, Mysefl and a few others....He has 1200+ friends on his myspace page.

The cat has been shot by a few photographers as well and has actually stolen a shot (by Ken Norcross) away from Key and Kellie Taylor...

So when Rebecca said she wanted to pose with the pug I gave her the warnings. She's damn good. I love shooting her, but she learned quickly as she watched Elvis change his pose, expression and often position in every shot that she was out-matched. She does make a really hot prop for them though.

Rebecca Helen Wales (modelmayhem)

Elvis Pugsly ( Myspace)
Setzer(no link yet) Commercial Photography Philadelphia

So I don't just shoot hot chicks, I shoot a lot of random stuff for a wide and diverse clientele. This here I believe is the ahi tuna shot during my recent portfolio venture down at the wonderful Darlings Restaurant. Darlings is located in the Piazza in Northern Liberties and is probably one of my favorite places to hang out, do meetings, and just run into random people like Psydde Delicious, Megan Massacre and Kencredible.

I am currently marketing myself to restaurants in search of quality advertising, menu, and web site images to show off their culinary skills.

I just recently went and got myself two new marketing and sales assistants. Tricia (Fashion designer) will be handling fashion, boutique's, designers, and salons, while Maddie (food marketing major) will be focused on commercial business and restaurants.

I am extremely excited to work with both of them and can not wait to get the new print material in their hands!

LindsyAnne - Commercial Photography by Jeff Cohn Philadelphia

Something a bit different. I was working on LindsyAnne's images last night while trying to catch up on the two zillion shoots I am behind on, and I got the urge to make the last one all crazy photo-shopped. So i played with layers and blend-modes and filters and liquefy and brushes till I was finally actually happy with the end result.

Reminds me of something I'd see in Clear Magazine, which means I Like it.

The rest of her shoot (what's edited so far) was for my commercial portfolio and her compcards/Portfolio for Wilhelmina of PA. Hopefully they'll like the shots and give me lots of work too.

Model Link

More regular shots available on

New Card Designs - What do you think?

So I've been planning new cards for a while and the other day my friend/Model/Graphic Design pal Kellie Taylor came over to help me design the card for Once that was complete the next task was the more difficult; come up with a card for that I'd be happy with. I tend to use my cards for a few months and often times they're my first impression with new clients or potential clients, so I'm very picky and never totally satisfied. I hated my last card.

So here's an unveiling of the new cards (so far). I want your feedback and opinions, I will listen to everyone however I do have specific goals and target markets in mind for each card, as well as reasons I used the colors, images, etc the way I did, but Give me your thoughts and feedback and I'll take it all in before these go to print.