Friday, September 4, 2009

Rebecca Helen Wales (with Elvis and Setzer)

One of the pleasures of a home-studio is that my pug and kitten are always around, this has actually lead to them both becoming rather good models. Sometimes too good. I warn all my models regardless of their experience level that the dog has SIX years of modeling experience under his belt. He's posed with the models like Nikki Moose, Audrey Kitching, Fische, Mayte, Alyson Allegra, etc and been shot by Jeff Beirman, MojoKiss, Angelrift, Mysefl and a few others....He has 1200+ friends on his myspace page.

The cat has been shot by a few photographers as well and has actually stolen a shot (by Ken Norcross) away from Key and Kellie Taylor...

So when Rebecca said she wanted to pose with the pug I gave her the warnings. She's damn good. I love shooting her, but she learned quickly as she watched Elvis change his pose, expression and often position in every shot that she was out-matched. She does make a really hot prop for them though.

Rebecca Helen Wales (modelmayhem)

Elvis Pugsly ( Myspace)
Setzer(no link yet)

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