Friday, September 4, 2009 Commercial Photography Philadelphia

So I don't just shoot hot chicks, I shoot a lot of random stuff for a wide and diverse clientele. This here I believe is the ahi tuna shot during my recent portfolio venture down at the wonderful Darlings Restaurant. Darlings is located in the Piazza in Northern Liberties and is probably one of my favorite places to hang out, do meetings, and just run into random people like Psydde Delicious, Megan Massacre and Kencredible.

I am currently marketing myself to restaurants in search of quality advertising, menu, and web site images to show off their culinary skills.

I just recently went and got myself two new marketing and sales assistants. Tricia (Fashion designer) will be handling fashion, boutique's, designers, and salons, while Maddie (food marketing major) will be focused on commercial business and restaurants.

I am extremely excited to work with both of them and can not wait to get the new print material in their hands!

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