Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Interview with me on Propsblog - Jeff Cohn Interview - Fashion Photography

I was recently interviewed by Houston Fashion Model /blogger Leah Waddill. She's an awesome model and a former Philly girl.

I mentioned a lot of you. Gotta LOVE publicity! Please take a look at it here

Leah Waddill: Where are you from? Where is most of your work done?

Jeff Cohn: I was born and raised in Delran NJ, which is a small suburb of Philadelphia. I moved to Philly after college and have lived in or around the city for the past ten years.

Most of my work is shot in my home studio located in North East Philadelphia. My living room is converted into a studio space, which provides the best of both worlds; convenient location and I have my TV and DVD’s handy while MUA’s do makeup.

Leah Waddill: Do you travel often for your photography?

Jeff Cohn: My first real gig was tour photographer for the band KMFDM, We did the whole US in 40 days, 36 cities. Since then my travel has been fairly limited. I was co-coordinator/founder of Catwalk Tragedy (Alternative Beauty Pageant) which took me to Orlando and NYC for shows. Other than that I have been very much a homebody, I love Philadelphia but if someone wants to pay me to go visit other places I will gladly jump on a plane.

Leah Waddill: Wow! So, how long ago was your first publicized work? What was it? (READ MORE)

Lemme know what you think!!

If any of you out there in blog-land (or magazine land) are interested in setting up an interview with a fashion photographer, please let me know, I love doing these things.

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