Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where has all the good print gone?

Here are some of my all time favorite Fashion magazines. It seems as if they're all going to be out of print before I actually get to the point where I can shoot for one of them. Maybe, just maybe my local Barnes and Noble just sucks, I'm more than willing to concede that as a possibility , especially since I have been going to the one at the Neshaminy Mall and one only needs to walk around that mall for 10 minutes to know that they have no sense of style or fashion. Or is this the symptom of the larger issue. Are these magazines doing well? Is the internet totally taking over print as a viable format? Have people learned to rely on blogs, websites and the like for Fashion Photography? Unfortunately in many cases it would appear so.

I recently tried to subscribe to Z!nk Magazine, I looked on their site.... the subscription link doesn't work. I sent in a check, it got returned. I emailed and then called only to find out that they currently don't HAVE a subscription house and aren't taking new subscriptions! What the hell is that? So now if I want Zink at my door each month, I have to go to Barnes n Noble and hope they have it in stock still. They probably only order one or two issues per store... so good luck with that.

Ok, So I'm more than happy to buy an issue of or Muse instead... Oops, I haven't even seen in a store in over a year, when I DID find them I got the last issue. One of the best magazines I've EVER seen, but totally unavailable to the public to purchase. Muse and V have a little bit better circulation, but are still very hit and miss... Another Magazine; I've found once.

I have a subscription to Clear, W, and Vogue...I still barely ever see any issues of Clear. I think their run is now 4 issues a year. It's a shame really.

Whose to blame here? Well YOU ARE. If you love these magazines, If you love seeing the most dramatic eye catching and brilliant fashion photography and models in the world, if you don't want to have to look up a URL and stare at a screen to see it, go to your local book store and DEMAND they start stocking more of these. I know I'm not the only one out there that loves these magazines, they need your help and support. In a time when jobs for models, makeup artists, photographers and stylists are becoming more and more scarce we have to make sure this medium that we love so much doesn't die.

Couldn't find a link for Muse's website.

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  1. it really depends on location because the barnes & noble that i work at we get tons of Z!nk now because i've recommended it so much that it sells a lot. also, there's a new update of magazines that each store carries every couple of months so its something you can call around for. but i do agree that its very unfortunate that Z!nk doesnt take subscriptions anymore. i read somewhere that they were again but since then that link has been dead. sad news