Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This week in Fashionandadvertising.com

It's Tuesday night so i figured I'd write a blog just giving people some insight to a normal week in my work life. Last Saturday I went to the Studio Five Mid-summer Meet n Great in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of seeing some old friends as well as meeting some new ones. I brought my model Robyn Welsh with me as well as my roommate (Angelrift Photography). I had the pleasure of meeting James Mosley and hopefully may be working with him soon to really learn the ins and outs of both commercial and stock photography. He's done some amazing work and is published world wide, has a huge studio space and seems to really love my work.

I also caught up with Fische, Ashley Arsenic, Rachie Tartz and met some newer models that I will hopefully be booking soon.

Wolf Wilson showed me his new sculptured photos project and I have to say I am very impressed, he said he'd be making one for me to keep in the studio of my work and I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

Sunday Maria and Lisa came over for a 3 look shoot (Lisa doing Maria's makeup) and I finally got Maria to ditch the extreme lashes and trust Lisa's talent fully, WOW... She looked absolutely breathtaking and both girls did an amazing job, I can't wait to show you those photos. That girl has a ton of potential and with the right direction I could see her really making herself a name in the Alt modeling scene.

Monday was pretty much editing and pool days, relaxing a lil bit and catching up on rest from last week's hectic schedule because of the shoot special (shot almost every day for 14 days) . I edited a bunch of Mollie's photos for her audition tomorrow for America's Next Top Model and planned out my attack on the rest of the edits. Sorted through photo-sets for Maggie, Caroline, Lyndsey, Mary, and started to work on Kat's.

Tomorrow is my shoot with Alicia, which I am very excited about. She's a newer model but we seem to have a ton in common and she's friends with Nikki Sixx so that's just the awesome. I can't wait to work together and I suspect already it will be the first of many shoots. After the shoot we're going to go over to the Rollerskating rink for the Robot Chicken Star Wars release party where hopefully I can find a way to re-connect with Seth green, whom I grew up with but haven't seen in over 15 years since I went to college and he moved to LA. Maybe if all goes well I'll even set up a shoot with Seth tomorrow if he's got any downtime while he's in town.

Friday I am doing a 2nd shoot with KassieDW, who I used for an idea I wanted to submit to M.A.C. as an ad campaign but never used. She and her friend Morgan (Whom I've also shot) apparently live right around the corner in the neighborhood so it'll be cool to work with her again knowing she lives so close by.

As for right now I am watching the end of "Swords" on Discovery and getting ready for the new episode of "The Colony" which has quickly become one of my favorite new shows.

Saturday I will hopefully be shooting a few of the girls from the M&G, but nothing is confirmed yet, stay tuned!

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