Friday, November 20, 2009

Robyn Welsh (Jovovich)

This recent retouch from a shoot I did a few months ago with my friend Robyn is definitely one of my favorite new photos. When we did the shoot I commented that it reminded me of Milla Jovovich and now that it's edited I see it even more. Anyone that knows me and my work knows that Milla has always been a huge inspiration and one of my all time favorite models. Her acting work has created some amazing characters as well from Fifth Element, Ultraviolet to Zoolander. So any image that reminds me of her, even a lil bit, I love. Hope you like it as well. I credit Milla as single handedly creating the market and look of a high fashion-alt model and being one of the first supermodels to rock really edgy looks both in film, on the runway and in campaigns.

I also wouldn't mind if someone from Jovovich Hawk (her designer line) saw this blog and hired me to shoot their next collection. Just sayin....

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