Friday, November 20, 2009

Darlings Diner - "Pie Fashion" with Melissa Mae

With Thanksgiving coming up I had a silly idea for "pie season" to do a high fashion model pie eating contest, well even though the diner loved it and I shot the promotional shots, I just didn't have the time this month to put an event together and do it right. We did however shoot the shots and Darlings Diner was happy to use them for the rest of their Thanksgiving weekend advertising. I know they were published in Star Magazine and online, though i haven't seen the print version yet. The gorgeous Melissa Mae responded to the casting and Darlings supplied the Apple/blueberry pie. This was possibly the messiest shoot I've ever done and easily the tastiest (What didn't hit the floor). My pug hated this shoot due to the fact that he wasn't allowed to be involved.

We wanted to go for a very "High fashion Pie look" and Melissa just rocked it, posing as if she was wearing a $25,000 necklace and designer hat instead of wearing fruit, filling and crust. She gave the pie an elegance and style.

In related news Darlings Diner's Website has recently launched and features tons of my photos through out the site. Check it out and next time you're down at the Piazza stop in and grab some lunch, coffee and their famous cheese cake! Tell them you read about them on this blog.

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