Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome to my newly re-vamped blog.

This blog will share my perspective as a Free-lance professional full time photographer working in the Fashion world. I should probably tell you a bit about myself first so you know my background and where my perspective comes from. I am 34 years old, Born and raised in Southern New Jersey right outside Philadelphia, where I now live. I studied Marketing at Stockton College and since then have worked in a variety of Advertising, image related positions including Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing Consultation.

In the Fall of 2003 I had the good fortune to work my Web Master job for the band KMFDM into a position on their US Tour, part of my duties on the road included Tour Photography and my work can be viewed on their 2003 DVD “WWIII”.

I started photographing models slightly before leaving for the KMFDM tour and picked up speed with it when I returned. My work originally was geared towards an Alternative, Fetish, Alt-Nude crowd, but has grown and changed direction over the years to focus more on High Fashion, Commercial Advertising, Catalogue, and Mainstream Fashion Modeling.

I wouldn’t say I have completely moved away from the Alt/Fetish world, however I have intentionally added a great deal of balance, bringing my work from “Goth” to “Edgy High Fashion” in it’s feel. I Love (and strive to create) dramatic, high end, unique and captivating imagery, weather its for Alexander Mcqueen or Hot Topic.

I am co-founder/coordinator of Catwalk Tragedy, An alternative beauty and fashion show started in Philadelphia currently embarking on a National Tour. I am also honored to be featured in the recently released coffee table book “Culture De Tragedie”

Of course I will be displaying my newest work in this blog, frequently offering behind the scenes and “what inspired the shot” narratives alongside my photos for the first time, but the main idea of “Deep Focus” will be far greater reaching then my own work. I plan on interviewing my peers, influences, and new talent. I will be attempting to interview Designers, Agents, Makeup Artists, Art Directors, Boutique and Salon Owners as well as Photographers and Models to give a well rounded and insider perspective from those in the Fashion Industry.


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