Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Absolute Mosh ; An interview with Alt / Fetish Model Mosh

She’s been a model for only a few years now but has already risen to the top echelon of the world of Alternative Modeling. She’s one of the most in demand models by designers, magazines, photographers and events, even gracing the header image of the most popular Modeling site on the internet earlier this year.

When she was 2 years old she was given the moniker Mosh, it suits her. It’s concise, direct and strong. While I am not sure her name has anything to do with an actual concert mosh-pitt, she shares the same frenetic pace, unpredictable power and a steady determined focus that one would find there.

She was born August 21st in the Soviet Union, now Russia, and moved at a young age to the States, raised mostly on the upper east coast (DC area). Mosh recently relocated to Los Angeles and is about to launch her own members site for the legions of fans to have yet another way of connecting with this Alt-superstar.

Jeff Cohn: What/Who inspired you to get involved in modeling?

Mosh: Nobody really inspired me, but the idea of a fetish image definitely did inspire me. I randomly came across in my senior year of high school, so I decided to join and see what I could do with my portfolio. I didn't think it would grow to what it is now, or that I would get to work with such great artists, but I did and I'm so glad I joined mm that one fine day in September.

Jeff Cohn: If you weren’t a model, what would you be doing?

Mosh: Probably studying design or business and focusing more on designing cosmetics and heels. Baking more. Having more of a social life haha. I'm not at all complaining, I enjoy every minute of my career as a model, from the beginning to the end of a process. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jeff Cohn:
What drew you towards Alternative and Fetish modeling?

Mosh: Through the works of certain artists, I found something more than just erotic or interesting. There was something more to these images beyond just the obvious, and all of these images usually fit into the alternative of fetish category. Due to this intriguing mystery element, I was naturally drawn to fetish and alternative modeling. I personally cant stand ordinary fashion and typical all-American-beauty images. They can certainly be beautiful but they're not for me. The fabrics and materials that tie into fetish also drew me in. Since the first time I slipped into a latex dress, a corset, stockings, heels...I instantly fell in love.

Jeff Cohn: How much impact did having the header image on Model Mayhem have on your career?

Mosh: I'm not sure. It probably drew in a lot of people to my MM page haha! It was pretty cool seeing my face at the top of my favorite modeling networking site.

Jeff Cohn: How does it feel to know you inspire so many new models and fans?

Mosh: I am beyond flattered to hear from models and fans that they are inspired by me. I never thought my work would lead that way, but its an incredible feeling and it makes me want to work that much harder when producing new images.

Jeff Cohn: Do you have any funny or horrific photo shoot experiences you’d like to share?

Mosh: I have been pretty lucky with my photo shoot experiences, so none that were horrific in terms of the photographer or people at a shoot. I did have an interesting experience at an abandoned hospital with my photographer friend Lynxkarma and her photographer friend. It ended with a gun being pointed at my head by the police but thats a long story. It was thrilling to say the least.

Jeff Cohn: Do you have any advice for models just starting out?

Mosh: Be professional, be yourself, and give everything one hundred percent. Its typical advice but its also the best advice I could give. I have been surprised by certain models as to how they acted and how little they cared at the shoot. If you want to be a model, you need to show your abilities at its best at all times. You never know who will network you into something big based on your performance and ability.

Being yourself is probably the best advice to give overall next to being professional. Copying or ripping off someone else's style or look will never get you anywhere. There will always be the original and why would you want to be a replica of someone who already does it better? Be yourself means have your own style and act like yourself. You will shine through best by being your true unique self.

Learn to be self-reliant. Don't rely on other people for your work. If you can do your own makeup well and style yourself well then it doesn't matter if you cant find a stylist or the makeup artist can't make it. You will have full control of your look and not have to rely on anybody but yourself and the photographer.

Jeff Cohn: Do you have any tattoos? Plan on getting ?

Mosh: No tattoos whatsoever. Thing is, I absolutely love ink. I seem to have a thing for leg tattoos actually and my boyfriend is covered. However, I am so attached to my clean pale skin that at this time I don't have an urge to cover it with ink. I want to keep my skin the way it is. Perhaps later on or after my career is done I'll start covering myself hah!

Jeff Cohn: You recently judged your 2nd and attended your 3rd Catwalk Tragedy modeling competition; tell me a bit about that experience.

The events are always fun, on stage and off. The contestants are always entertaining and I have a blast at the judge’s table. It’s always a privilege to get to view all kinds of different alternative looks and talents, therefore Catwalk Tragedy is an enjoyment to me.

Jeff Cohn: You’ve been very busy working on your membership site, tell me what fans can expect and what your own expectations are for it.
Mosh: Fans can expect beautiful high-quality images, videos, multiple updates a week, webcam group chats, one-on-one chats, tutorials, forum, personal calendar, and more to come!

Quick Answers:

1. Favorite band – Recent most played…Depeche Mode, The Cramps, Acid Bath, The Smiths, Dion and the Belmonts, Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra, Misfits, Mayhem, Interpol

2. Favorite website –

3. Favorite Fashion Designer – Blacklickorish Latex, Vaunt Designs, Angelique Boutique, Ego Assassins, Hedonsfair Latex, Agent Provocateur, HMS Latex, Fraulein Ehrhardt…

4. Favorite Magazine – My favorite fetish and alternative magazines are Bizarre and Marquis. My favorite mainstream magazine used to be Z!nk but now I don’t really look at them anymore…

5. Favorite Drink – At the moment Blackberry Izzy or Orange-Vanilla drink mix.

6.Where else can we find you online? is all you will need to know soon.

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