Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Philadelphia Fashion Week (Day 1) - Ican'thascheeseburger

The first night of Philadelphia Fashion Week 2010 went really well. I arrived early (2pm) as I am shooting for both Wilhelmina Philadelphia and for the event coordinators as a staff photographer for Philadelphia Fashion Week this year and I wanted to get a lay of the land, take some extra time to get comfortable just floating around the building, etc.

There’s a certain buzz you feel before an exciting event like this too, I love it.

I hung out with my PFW friends and Wilhelmina family, made the chit-chat, talked up the new site a bit (I just redid, go check it out --- BRAND NEW STUFF!!) and showed off the new postcards I had just picked up from M3Printing (great job guys!)

Smoked a bunch of cigarettes.
Lamented about the apparent lack of Cheeseburger sliders this year.
Then the doors opened and the crowds started to gather.

First up was Delicious Boutique, who I guess I’ve been shooting since 2002 so I was kinda glad I got to warm up with someone I already knew really well. The models looked awesome and as always Delicious collections are impressive. If you haven’t been to their store in Northern Liberties you really should go. While you’re there, also get your hair did by Camille at DNA Salon and some fudge from the candy store, but I am going off topic. The Delicious show concluded with a military style inspired jumpsuit with a bunny ear hoodie. I gotta say, kinda liked it.

Next up was Lolliepop, whose collection was a mix of Denim pieces, jackets, skirts, etc. Generally speaking I hate denim, but some of these were done extremely well and in innovative ways that made me actually like them. The outfit that Kel Taylor was wearing was definitely a standout for me and actually took denim to an editorial fashion feel.

Ban Thor Phan and Kampanart Buahombora were up next with a heavily Middle Eastern/ Indian inspired collection modernized for with a western fashion twist while still holding strong to the inspiration. My favorites here were modeled by Donald Letts and Jordana, who looked like a modern Egyptian Queen in her flowing cream toned dress.

Up next was a Aerial dance performance by the troupe “Junk”, not really my thing but while I was shooting I noticed the shadows on the wall they were creating were amazing so I started shooting them as well and gotta say I loved the results.

I try not to complain too much in these blogs, but yeah I got really bored as the break was a bit too long and the cheeseburger sliders were not in attendance. I smoked a bunch of cigarettes and did have a great time chatting with Anita (Wilhelmina) , her sister (whose name I forgot- DOH!), photographer Jenny, and Lisa Nocera (MUA). I think should be a sponsor next year. Just saying and maybe those Hot pocket Mini burgers, or get the cheeseburger people from last year back.

After the break it was time for Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques, who started out with some rather sexy swimwear and shoes/boots from Bus Stop. More of this would be good. As a boutique the show didn’t have as much consistency of a label or line but all their pieces looked great. I loved some of the Knits and again Kel’s outfit rocked. It was hard to get a good angle to shoot the end looks of the runway due to heads in the front row, so for the shoes shots I mostly got walking stuff and kept the end of runway pose shots as close-ups.

Next up was Carmelita Couture, who was my favorite collection of the night and a great show closer. Modern, Urban, Hip, sleek, sexy and gaga-ish at times, this was a very wearable but impressive collection for those that want to buy some pieces with “oomph” that they’ll actually be able to wear out to places other than other fashion shows. The whole collection felt very Brooklyn meets Milan to me. The piece that didn’t fit too well with the cohesiveness of the collection was actually one of my favorites, the purple top/skirt that Masha wore was just striking and she was styled perfectly from head to toe to match.

Had a great time and can’t wait to see the students of Drexel University, Art Institute, Moore College, University of Delaware, Philadelphia University tomorrow. Remember the show is earlier at 5pm (4:45 doors) so get your tickets now at and come say yo.

Bring Cheeseburgers for me please. K thx.

To view all the runway photos please visit :

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