Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week (PHLFSHNWK) Day Two


There was a buzz in the air and everyone could feel it. Although for some odd reason today was much hotter and more humid then yesterday (though the weather outside wasn't all that different) everyone in the room also felt a certain energy in the air as well. I arrived early and spent most of the night (when I wasn't shooting) talking to designers from Wrath Arcane, Sally from S Love, Matthew Izzo (who was incredibly cool and down to earth and reminded me of someone I'd normally just hang out with), Psydde Delicious, and of course fellow blogger and Fashionista extraordinaire Nikki Moose (

Day Two of Philadelphia Fashion Week was off to a brilliant start with showcase's by the students of Philadelphia University. Once again I am convinced that this city is about to be a force to be reckoned with if these students are any indication of the talent brewing for Philadelphia's future Haute Couture lines.


Dramatic lines by all from Dark looks to Wedding, every peice of each of these mini-collections had a "Wow Factor" and one model after another walked out to a audience of gasps, oohs and ahhs. I am not sure of all of the designers names but I believe they were Thomas Dejesus, Althea Pappas, Lourdes Cisneros Madrigal, and Gretchen Harris. I am probably missing at least one as I did not realize they're names were on the screen till half way through the show.


Next up was Street Star Custom Clothing, A hip urban street wear company whose line featured T-shirts binged out with the Seven deadly sins banner-ed across the chest. Wrath and Greed were my favorites, but aren't they always?


Nine Days Jeans followed with a funky and interesting line of denim wear rocked on the runway by Wilhelmina of Pa's finest. All the models looked incredible all night and really showed off what PA has to offer. The press were a buzz from the get-go and these guys and girls never failed to amaze everyone in the house with every single time they took the stage.

Gar De followed next with a line of upscale casual clothing that could be worn easily to almost any event and still impress. I loved their jackets, fall colors and just over all the way the looks were styled and put together. Ready to wear, but definitely a higher taste level then what you'd find on most clothing racks.


Nikki Moose told me to watch out for S Love, I had been talking to the designers for the past two days but nothing prepared me for what was to come. Absolutely my stand out choice for the night I am IN LOVE with S LOVE for sure. This collection was just amazing. Highly stylized and a nice blend of influences from the worlds of Haute Couture, Avant-Garde, Gothic, and Street, every look in this line was just to die for.


The girls all rocked them too, walking in a strange, slow, jagged and unique fashion they added the drama that a line like this requires. Each girl stopping at the end of the runway to pose for the camera's and audience in a memorable and unique fashion. S Love was my personal highlight of the event so far and I really hope to work with them in the near future.

Triple 5 Soul closed out the evening with their line of fresh, young and hip clothing, ready to wear and comfortable. They're looks seemed geared towards the college and youthful market but were still sophisticated enough to be worn by the young at heart as well.


All in all it was an yet another amazing night and I can't thank Wilhelmina enough for hooking me up for this event. It's been thrill after thrill in just two days so far... but alas, I want to get to the show early today to show the models photos from last night so I must depart now and go shoot the last and final day!!

Philadelphia Fashion Week photos on my Flickr


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